Wednesday, 28 November 2018

2.0 Opening Day Box Office Prediction !!! Day-1 Gross Collection Will Be ???

The Mega budget sci-fi thriller 2.0 will be released tomorrow, 29th November, 2018. Just like everyone, we are also excited to see the film on big screen tomorrow. But before that, let's calculate, what will be the day one figure of this film. Advance Booking has already started. Surprisingly film had better advance booking in Telugu States, Compared to Tamil Nadu. 

In Hindi Circuits, Film had an average to below per booking. Hope it will rock at the spot Booking. Now the million dollar question is, will it can break the Baahubali2 record ??? Answer is strictly no.... As of now the advance booking reports is not extraordinary, it is quite good in South India. In overseas market, Undoubtedly 2.0 will rock like never before. But In India, Craze Is Below Per Expectations. Our Day-1 Prediction is below Here - 


TN - 20 Cr

AP/TS - 25 Cr

KA - 8.00 Cr

KE - 6.00 Cr

HINDI CIRCUITS - 25 Cr [Net 20 Cr] 

TOTAL - 84 Cr

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Gold & Satyameva Jayate 1st Day Box Office Collection !!! Terrific Opening !!!

Both Gold & Satyameva Jayate off to a flying start at the box office. Both the Film were high on buzz & as expected got a huge advance booking. Despite Of clash Both the film has managed to get decent number of screens. Gold has released in 3050 screens, where Satyameva Jayate has released in 2500 screens. From the morning shows itself, film Gold started with 60-65% occupancy & goes up to 75% in noon Shows.

In evening shows, film has touched 80-85% occupancy in multiplexes. Even many housefull shows have been registered through out the day. In single screens, film had a decent to good occupancy, where Satyameva Jayate has dominated big time in single screens. In multiplexes, Gold opened with much bigger number than Satyameva Jayate. 

As per Collection is concerned, both the film takes grand opening at the box office window. Gold has dominated over Satyameva Jayate on day one. Satyameva Jayate had an average occupancy of 70 %, where Gold's Opening Day occupancy is around 80%. As per early Estimates, Gold may Collects between 25-26 Cr Range, while Satyameva Jayate is looking around 19 Cr on Day one. 

Let's see who will win at the end. As of now audiences has given thumbs up to both the films, though Akshay's Gold got slightly better feedback than John's Satyameva Jayate. Both the film had a different genre & had a different target audience. At the end of the may the better film will win. 

Day-1 Collection Of Gold & Satyameva Jayate

Gold - 25.50 Cr

Satyameva Jayate - 19 Cr

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Vishwaroopam2 First Day Box Office Collection !!! Decent Opening !!!

Vishwaroopam2 off to a decent start at TN Box Office. Film had a wider release on this Friday & had taken a decent Opening in Tamil Nadu. This film is the sequel of blockbuster film Vishwaroopam, which was released way back in 2013 & Creat history at the box office window. Obviously huge pressure is on the maker to deliver the content as per with the previous one. As of now, film Vishwaroopam 2 is carrying fully mixed reviews from the critics as well as the audiences. 

As per Opening is concerned, it could have been better if it promoted well. Collection is not up to the mark in rural areas. In B & C centres, film underperformed badly on Friday. In Chennai City, film gross 92 Lakhs on day one, which is really good. Film Gross around 6.05 Cr on Day one at TN Box Office, which is 3rd best opening of the year. Hope it will hold well on weekend. Check Circuits Wise Collection below - 

Vishwaroopam2 Day-1 TN Gross Collection

Chennai City - 0.92 Cr 

Cpet - 1.19 Cr 

CBE - 1.04 Cr 

NSC - 0.72 Cr 

TT - 0.60 Cr 

Salem - 0.70 Cr 

MR - 0.67 Cr 

TK - 0.22 Cr

Total - 6.05 Cr

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Fanney Khan, Mulk & Karwaan First Monday (4th Day) Box Office Collection !!! Four Days Total Collection !!!

Fanney Khan had a big fall on Monday. As expected film falls flat on day four, as words of mouth is totally negative. Film had underperformed badly on weekend & collects only 7.25 Cr. On Monday, Collection shows 70% drop, compare to Friday's number. Film Collects 65 Lakhs on Monday & make the total 7.90 Cr in four days. 

On the other hand, Both Karwaan & Mulk reatain well on Monday. In the case of Karwaan, Occupancy wise only 20% fall have been noticed, but due to reduced ticket prices on weekdays, Collection has dropped around 30%. Mulk had a better hold, compare to Karwaan & took the no 1 position on Monday. 

Karwaan Collects 85 Lakhs Nett On Monday & 4 Days Total Collection stands at 7.60 Cr. On the other side, Film Mulk Collects  90 Lakhs on first Monday & make the total 7.15 Cr in four days. Check the day wise break up below - 

Box Office Collection Of New Releases

Fanney Khan

Day-1 - 2.00 Cr

Day-2 - 2.50 Cr

Day-3 - 2.75 Cr

Day-4 - 0.65 Cr

Total - 7.90 Cr 


Day-1 - 1.25 Cr

Day-2 - 2.25 Cr

Day-3 - 3.25 Cr

Day-4 - 0.85 Cr

Total - 7.60 Cr


Day-1 - 1.00 Cr

Day-2 - 2.25 Cr

Day-3 - 3.00 Cr

Day-4 - 0.90 Cr

Total - 7.15 Cr

Monday, 6 August 2018

Dhadak 3rd Sunday (17th Day) Box Office Collection !!! 17 Days Total Collection !!!

Dhadak had a good growth on Sunday. Film had a big fall on 3rd Friday, but showed good growth over the weekend. Film Collected 50 Lakhs on 3rd Friday, followed by 85 Lakhs on 3rd Saturday. Collection showed upward trend again on 3rd Sunday. Film Collects around 1.10 Cr on Sunday & make the total 65.40 Cr in 17 Days. Check day Wise Collection below - 

Day Wise Collection

Day-1 - 8.50 Cr 

Day-2 - 10.50 Cr 

Day-3 - 13.50 Cr 

Day-4 - 5.00 Cr 

Day-5 - 4.50 Cr 

Day-6 - 3.75 Cr 

Day-7 - 3.25 Cr 

Day-8 - 2.00 Cr 

Day-9 - 3.00 Cr 

Day-10 - 4.75 Cr 

Day-11 - 1.50 Cr

Day-12 - 1.10 Cr

Day-13 - 0.85 Cr 

Day-14 - 0.75 Cr 

Day-15 - 0.50 Cr 

Day-16 - 0.85 Cr 

Day-17 - 1.10 Cr

Total - 65.40 Cr 

Fanney Khan, Mulk & Karwaan Sunday (3rd Day) Box Office Collection !!! First Weekend Total Collection !!!

Fanney Khan, Mulk & Karwaan, all the three new releases had an below per Opening weekend at the box office window. Among this three films, Fanney Khan got the worst review from the critics as well as the audiences. Though rest the two films got thumbs up from the critics, Box Office number is not up to the mark.

On Sunday, all the three films showed decent growth. Due to occupancy fall in night shows, Collection looks similar to Saturday's Number. As per occupancy is concerned, Mulk & Karwaan is ahead in this race. As Fanney Khan had a wider release, it had dominated the box office on this weekend week. Film Fanney Khan Collects around 2.75 Cr on Sunday & make the total 7.25 Cr Nett over the weekend. 

Karwaan took the second place with 6.75 Cr Nett collection on the weekend. Film Collects 1.25 Cr, 2.25 Cr & 3.25 Cr On Friday, Saturday & Sunday respectively. On the other hand, film Mulk Collects only 6.25 Cr in it's opening weekend. Collection breaks up is 1 Cr, 2.25 Cr & 3 Cr On first three days respectively. Overall this weekend was a big disappointment for the distributors & the exhibitors. 

Box Office Collection Of New Releases

Fanney Khan

Day-1 - 2.00 Cr

Day-2 - 2.50 Cr

Day-3 - 2.75 Cr

Total - 7.25 Cr 


Day-1 - 1.25 Cr

Day-2 - 2.25 Cr

Day-3 - 3.25 Cr

Total - 6.75 Cr


Day-1 - 1.00 Cr

Day-2 - 2.25 Cr

Day-3 - 3.00 Cr

Total - 6.25 Cr

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Mission Impossible Fallout 2nd Saturday (9th Day) India Box Office Collection !!! 9 Days Total Collection !!!

Mission Impossible Fallout is roaring at Indain Box Office. After an excellent first week run, film has again dominated on Week two. Film Collects around 3.25 Cr Nett On 2nd Friday. On Saturday, it shows huge growth & collects around 5.25 Cr Nett. As per trend, Film is heading towards 15 Cr Collection on 2nd weekend, which is really awesome for a Hollywood film. 

After nine days of run film Mission Impossible Fallout Collects 67.25 Cr Nett with an estimated gross of $12.50 Million [86.25 Cr] from Indian market. Hope it will continue to rock the box office. Now check day wise Collection below - 

Day Wise Collection

Day-1 - 9.25 Cr 

Day-2 - 13.50 Cr 

Day-3 - 16.50 Cr 

Day-4 - 5.50 Cr 

Day-5 - 5.00 Cr 

Day-6 - 4.75 Cr

Day-7 - 4.25 Cr 

Day-8 - 3.25 Cr 

Day-9 - 5.25 Cr

Total - 67.25 Cr