Sunday, 24 June 2018

Race 3 Second Weekend Box Office Collection !!! Day-Wise Collection !!!

Box Office Indian

Race 3 had a huge fall on second weekend. The number is not even 20% of the first weekend number. A big fall have been registered due to negative words of mouth. Film collected 139.25 Cr in week one & entered in the week two with almost 60% less screens than first week.

Race 3 Collects 3.75 Cr On second Friday & showed little growth on Saturday. On day nine film collects 5.25 Cr Nett, which is around 30 % higher compare to Day eight number. Film had a good growth on Sunday also, an almost 50 % growth compared to Friday's number. Film Collects 6.50 Cr Nett On Sunday & thus second weekend Collection stands at 15.50 Cr, which is strictly below per number for a film starring Salman Khan. 10 Days Total Collection of Race3 stands at 154.75 Cr. 

Film Race3 is now running with 2100 screens & next will be more crucial, as Ranbir's Sanju will hit the theatre on next Friday. Race's Box Office Collection is bound to be effected by Sanju. Film doesn't have much scope to score further. It will hardly do any business in 3rd week. Looking at the trend film will finish it's run in below 175 Cr, which will be completely below average result at the box office window. Check Day wise Collection of the film below here ----


DAY-1 -    28.50 Cr

DAY-2 -    36.50 Cr

DAY-3 -    37.50 Cr

DAY-4 -    14.00 Cr

DAY-5 -    9.50 Cr

DAY-6 -    7.50 Cr

DAY-7 -    5.50 Cr

DAY-8 -   3.75 Cr

DAY-9 -  5.25 Cr

DAY-10 -  6.50 Cr

TOTAL -  154.75 Cr

Race 3 Opens With Thunderous Number In Pakistan !!!

Box Office Indian

Race 3 Opens With Thunderous Number In Pakistan on Saturday. Despite Of late release, film collects a massive number on Day-1. On Friday previews , film grossed 40 Lakhs & if we add this number to day one, then it will be 2nd biggest opening of all time at Pakistan Box Office, just behind Sultan.

The film has grossed 2.25 Cr On Saturday, which is 3rd biggest single day ever for a Hindi film in Pakistan. Including Friday midnight shows, Race3 has grossed 2.65 Cr on it's opening day, which make it the highest Day one Grosser of 2018. Film couldn't make it a eid release due to some internal problems, otherwise it could do wonder at Pakistan Box Office. 

Film Race 3 will surely could broke the opening record of Sultan, if it came on eid. Anyway film has a huge chance to score big, as there is no big competition at this time. Looking at the trend film will cross 5 Cr mark by today & will definitely touch 10 Cr mark by end of first week run. Look like Salman is unbeatable at Pakistan Box Office. In Pakistan action genre works big time at Box Office, that is also one of the big reason for Race 3's humorous opening. 

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Race 3 Second Saturday Box Office Reports !!!

Race 3 had started it's second week run in around 2100 screens. Film had a huge fall on day-8, as it Collects 3.75 Cr Nett On second Friday. Struggle continue on Saturday also. Today again film had failed to pull the audience in the theatre. A minimal growth have been noticed on Saturday. Compare to Friday number, Saturday Number is looking around 20% growth, which is very normal growth.

Except mass circuits like Bihar, UP, Punjab, film had not done much business in other circuits, specially in metro cities, where Race3 has failed big time. The occupancy remains low in key cities across the country, which affects the Film's business badly. 

As per early reports, film had an occupancy of around 25-30 % through out the day, that means film may collect around 4.50 Cr On day-9 & nine day total collection will be around 147 Cr. Second weekend Collection of Race3 will be around 13-14 Cr, which is less than 15% of the first weekend number. 

Forget the 200 Cr mark, film has a very less chance to touch even 175 Cr mark. Sanju is knocking at the door, the film is high on buzz & will definitely affect the business of Race 3. Race3 will hardly get any screen on 3rd week, as maximum of it's screen will be replaced by Ranbir's film. 

TikTikTik First Day Box Office Collection !!!

Tik Tik Tik had a very good Opening in Tamil Nadu. Film was high on buzz due to it's different genre. Makers have promoted the film as India's first 'Space thriller' film. Makers have sold the TN Theatrical for a whopping 10.50 Cr, which is a great deal for the film.

Film Tik Tik Tik had released in around 300 screens In TN. Film created a huge buzz & as expected Opens with impressive numbers. Film had a very good occupancy through out the day. In Chennai City, film grossed 54 Lakhs on Friday & Advance Booking for the weekend is excellent. In North & South Arcot film grossed 42 Lakhs on Day-1. Look like film had hit the bull eye at Box Office. 

Overall first day occupancy in TN was over 60%. Many shows were reported housefull across TN on Day-1. Collection Reports from all the circuits is still Awaited, but looking at the trend, Film may gross around 3.50 Cr On It's opening day, which is an outstanding opening, considering the genre of the film. Film's Words of mouth is decent enough to score big in this weekend. The film is a eye Opener for different genre films. It will encourage producers to try different rather than only mass masala films. 

Abrahaminte Santhathikal First Week Box Office Collection

Malyalam Superstar Mammukka is back with bang. His recent release Abhrahminte Santhathikal has rocked the Kerala box office. Film opened with an excellent number on 16th June with around 3 Cr Gross in Kerala. Film is high on positive reviews & that is reflected at the box office window. Film had a wider release in Kerala in over 250 screens with 1400+ shows daily.

On Day-2, film showed good growth & grossed 3.25 Cr On Sunday. Film had a very good weekend number. Film passed the Monday litmus test with 1.90 Cr Gross on day-3. Film Abhrahminte Santhathikal hold extremely well on weekdays. Film has entered in 2nd week with 150 screens in Kerala & expected to score big on weekend. 

From Monday to Friday, it grossed around 7 Cr, which is more than weekend number. Not only in India, it has done an impressive business in Middle East also. Film grossed 3.10 Cr in Two Days in UAE With 24000 footfalls. GCC numbers is still Awaited. 

Due to excellent Words of mouth, film is running with full houses on today also. Film is high on mouth publicity. Positive reports is flooded in social media. Film Abhrahminte Santhathikal grossed 13.10 Cr in it's first week at Kerala box office. Looking at the trend film will easily touch 20 Cr mark soon & will be a remarkable film for Mammukka. Check Day wise Collection of the film Below Here ----


DAY-1 -    2.98 Cr

DAY-2 -    3.25 Cr

DAY-3 -    1.90 Cr

DAY-4 -    1.70 Cr

DAY-5 -    1.27 Cr

DAY-6 -    1.05 Cr

DAY-7 -    0.95 Cr

TOTAL -  13.10 Cr

Friday, 22 June 2018

Race 3 Second Friday Box Office Reports !!!

Race 3 has entered in second week with around 2100 screens, more than 50% reduced from week-1 screens of 4500. Despite Of unfavourable reviews, film Race3 manage to collect 139.25 Cr Nett In First week, which is second best week-1 number of 2018, just next to Padmaavat.

Race3 was high on hope for the distributors & exhibitors because of it's successful franchises, but it fails to fulfil the expectations. Film had a huge drop on second Friday. Film is still running with decent occupancy in mass circuits, but in metro cities film has failed to pull the audience in theatre. 

As per early reports, Film had an occupancy of 20% from 2100 screens through out the day. That means, Second Friday number will fall between 3.50-4.00 Cr range. So eight days total domestic collection is around 142-143 Cr, which is strictly below average number for the film. 

Ranbir's Much hyped film Sanju is coming next week & it will replaced maximum screens of Race3. Look like Race3 will finish it's run between anywhere 165-175 Cr. Despite Of Successful franchise, Salman Khan's presence, Eid Release, film Race3 fails to cross 200 Cr mark at the box office. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Race 3 First Week Box Office Collection !!!

Race 3 has an average first week number at Box Office. Though the film get benefitted from Eid festival, collection is not up to the mark for the film. The films opened with a excellent number of 28.50 Cr Nett On Friday & has done a very good business in First Weekend. Film Collects 102.50 Cr Nett On it's opening weekend, which is 5th best opening weekend of all time. 

Due to highly negative reports, the film showed huge drop on weekdays. Race 3 Collects 14.00 Cr On Monday, followed by 9.50 Cr & 7.75 Cr on Tuesday & Wednesday respectively. On Thursday film Collects 5.50 Cr Nett & make a total of 139.25 Cr in week-1. 

Film will get one more week in hand to score a handful amount of Collection. Ranbir's much Awaited Film Sanju will all set to release next week. The film is high on buzz & will definitely effects in the business of Race3. As of now film Race 3 looking uncertain to cross 175 Cr lifetime. Check the Day-wise Collection below here -----


DAY-1 -    28.50 Cr

DAY-2 -    36.50 Cr

DAY-3 -    37.50 Cr

DAY-4 -    14.00 Cr

DAY-5 -    9.50 Cr

DAY-6 -    7.50 Cr

DAY-7 -    5.50 Cr

TOTAL -  139.25 Cr