Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal Mini Trails Review


Before we review Jab Harry Mini Trails , Let's discuss about this new promotion strategy of King Khan . A Trailer is a quick overview of a film , duration differs from 2 minutes to 4 minutes . Till now no films in the history of Bollywood reveled Trailer as in some mini partrs. First time SRK take this new strategy to promote his film Jab Harry Met Sejal. Already 5 Mini Trails Of Each Duration 37 Sec Released , According To Source 4 more mini trails will be released on upcoming Days. Now question is that is it really a great strategy ??? Is This Promotional tricks works ??? Ok Let's Find Out The Answer

When the 1st two mini trails released , Hardly any people understood the Film's plot. In this trails we seen SRK confess to Anushka that he is characterless guy , Therefore came some naughty scenes Of SRK In Party & atlast Anushka told to SRK that , he said this only to threaten her & the 1st trailer closed. In 2nd one Anushka told to SRK to sign a bond , that written if any sextual relationship happened between them , all legal charge will be on SRK's Side & SRK naughtily replied it will be awesome, That's end. Not a single person can's understand the 1st two trailer & all waiting for the 3rd mini trail . This way SRK want to Create interest in his film. But Question is that , Was SRK succeed ???

In The Third mini trail Plot is totally different . Anushka is in search of her lost ring , Saying to SRK that she won't go with her ring & Some funny conversation between the lead pairs are seen in this trai. In 4th one , at the first seen SRK throws a ring to Anushka & she missed it , the ring drop down the floor & scenes end. In next scene Anushka introduced to SRK as Sejal , and until the end of this trail it shows how they are in search of the lost ring.At the 5th trail we understood that Anushka was engaged & her engagement ring has lost & search continues .

So It's Clear to all that, the film is based on a lost ring. During the searching of her lost ring Anushka will meet SRK & he will help her to find it . That's the main story. A 2.5 hrs film is based on Two people & a lost ring ??? Hopefully this is not true ,we have to wait for Upcoming trails . But as of now i find this 5 mini trails Boring , No logic to show same story of the ring in every trails. Have Any other story in the Film Without Ring??? Even fans are not happy with this trails . Hope SRK Will revealed a full fledged trailer & Then everything will be clear. As Of Now Mini Trails idea Of SRK Failed miserably . One Horrible thing is, even One Mini trail can't cross 10 million views in you tube.It's too late , as Film is all set to release with in one month , 4th August this year, Hopefully a Full Fledged Trailer Will Be Out Soon. 

RATINGS - 2.5*

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