Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Jai Lava Kusa Worldwide Box Office Collection

Film Jai Lava Kusa had a very good number Worldwide . Film opened with massive numbers on 21st September & hold extremely well on Weekend . Film took 5th best Opening Of All Time with 21.81 Cr Distributor Shares In Telugu States on Day-1 . Film had almost finished it's run , Though it still running in few centers . Film had a distributor Shares of 56.88 Cr In AP/TS & Worldwide Total Shares Stands At 78.10 Cr , second best in Jr NTR's career .

Film could go over 80 Cr Mark if it would get solo release On Duserha . Clashing with Spyder hamper it's few Crores & obviously word of mouth was not that level to score big , only Jr NTR's star power pull the crowd to Theatre . Though it is second highest Grosser In Jr NTR's Career it's end up with loss of few Crores .

In AP/TS Film collected 56.88 Cr Shares , but Theatrical Rights Sold For 63.50 Cr , means a loss of over 7 cr for distributors . In Overseas Film striked good with it's Box Office Performances . Film Gross $1.57M in USA . Jai Lava Kusa Is The 3rd Film of Young Tiger Jr NTR to cross $1.5 Millions In USA . Outside Telugu States , Film rocked big time in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu . In Karnataka It ends up Grossing 16.00 Cr with 8.50 Cr Distributor Shares , making it a Profitable Venture there .

Film Grossed 92 Lakhs In Chennai City Alone , which is Non-Baahubali Record [Telugu] there . Film had also a good number from TN , it finished it's run by Grossing 3.20 Cr there , which is NTR's Career Best grosser in Tamil Nadu . Overall Film had a very good number Worldwide . Except AP/TS , Film is a Profitable Venture For distributors in all over world . Now Check Worldwide Collection Of The Film Below Here ------


NIZAM -       16.20 Cr

CEDEED -    11.75 Cr

UA -             6.80 Cr

EAST -         5.38 Cr

WEST -        3.72 Cr

GUNTUR -   5.98 Cr

KRISHNA -  4.55 Cr

NELLORE - 2.50 Cr

TOTAL - 56.88 Cr


AP/TS -    56.88 Cr

KA -          8.50 Cr

TN -         1.35 Cr

USA -      4.88 Cr

REST -    6.50 Cr

TOTAL - 78.10 Cr


AP/TS -    89.50 Cr

USA -       10.52 Cr

KA -         16.00 Cr

TN -          3.20 Cr

REST -     13.00 Cr

TOTAL - 132.22 Cr

Spyder Worldwide Box Office Collection

Spyder started with decent number on 27th September , but unfortunately it turned out to be a disaster . Film crashed from it's First Weekend Itself , due to negative talks . Anyone Could imagine a high budget film , directed by AR Murugadose & leaded by Superstar Mahesh Babu , ends up such a low numbers . So one things is clear content is the key of success of any Film , big director & actor doesn't matter . This year success of Small Films Like Arjun Reddy , Fidaa , Mahanubhavudu Proved this wrong that only hero oriented Film worked at Box Office , a great content also can pull mass to Theatre . Anyway move to this topic & let's talk about Spyder's Box Office Numbers .

Though Film failed miserably at Box Office , it had Grossed 75 Cr Worldwide in First Weekend . But unfortunately couldn't deliver big number on Weekdays & on Second week it totally crashed . Spyder released in both Tamil & Telugu Version . In Telugu States , it Underperformed badly with just 33.60 Cr Shares , it's the worst Box Office Performances of Mahesh Babu's Films Till Date . AP/TS Theatrical Rights Sold For A Whopping 69.75 Cr , means a loss of more than 60% for distributors . In Nizam Dil Raju bought the rights with 22 Cr & loss Approx - 12.50 Cr .

Film had a good number in Tamil Nadu , though it is a loss Venture there . Spyder  finished it's run grossing 22.50 cr in TN With 10.20 cr distributor Shares In TN , Which Is Very Good Number . But Couldn't Break Even in the state due to overprice of Theatrical Rights [17 Cr + GST + P&A Cost] . In Karnataka Film had a distributor Shares of 7.05 Cr Grossing Approx 10.20 Cr Till Date , losing more than 3.80 Cr for distributor . Kerala is the Only Circuits , where Spyder had a minimal profit from distributor . Film's Kerala Closing Shares is 1.38 Cr , where Theatrical Rights Sold For 1.30 Cr .

In Overseas Spyder had a worst numbers evers in Mahesh Babu's career , a huge loss Venture For distributors in every Circuits , be it In USA , UAE-GCC , AUS etc . Film Gross more than $1 Million from USA Premier & finished with only $1.58 Millions [Tamil + Telugu] . USA Theatrical Rights Sold For $3.10 Millions , means Biggest loss ever in the history of Telugu Cinema .

Overall Spyder disappointed big time with it's Box Office Numbers . Film collected only 65.77 cr distributor shares with 110 cr gross worldwide . Film's Worldwide Theatrical Rights Sold For A Whopping amount of 129 Cr , so it's a huge loss Venture . Hope Mahesh's next Film will help to bounce him back in the track . Now check Worldwide Collection Of Film Spyder Below Here -------


NIZAM -       9.97 Cr

CEDED -      4.87 Cr

UA -             3.95 Cr

EAST -         3.85 Cr

WEST -        2.92 Cr

GUNTUR -   3.65 Cr

KRISHNA -  2.47 Cr

NELLORE - 1.88 Cr



AP/TS -    33.60 Cr

KA -          7.05 Cr

TN -         10.20 Cr

KE -         1.38 Cr

USA -      5.30 Cr

REST -    7.50 Cr

TOTAL - 65.77 Cr


AP/TS -    54.10 Cr

USA -        10.30 Cr

KA -          10.20 Cr

KE -          2.65 Cr

TN -           22.50 Cr

REST -      14.00 Cr

TOTAL - 113.75 Cr

Monday, 30 October 2017

Mersal Twelve Days Worldwide Box Office Collection : Crosses 200 Cr !!!

Mersal had a dream run at box office . After a huge first week number , Film dominates again on second week with it's massive box office success . In TN Mersal crossed 100 Cr mark by Sunday & will continue to do well . There is no big release in next 3 weeks & film is expected to add more numbers . As of now 125 cr in Tamil Nadu is looking easy target for the film . Film had released in only Tamil version & gross 200 Cr worldwide in Just 12 days , that's really a big achievement for Thalapathy Vijay .

In Karnataka & Kerala film is rocking big time on second weekend also . Film Mersal grossed 18.25 Cr in Kerala till date , which is all time no-2 tamil grosser in the state , Just behind Vikram's I Movie [19.50 Cr] . In Karnataka film grossed Approx 13.75 Cr till sunday . Film is setting benchmark all over world .

In Overseas Mersal is going strong day by day . It has already suppressed Kaabali's number in many circuits & expected to add more in coming days . In circuits like France , Malyasia , UK , USA , UAE-GCC , Srilanka Film is rocking like never before . Film had a huge success in France & Crossed 28000 Entries there , All time no-2 , just behind Enthiran [30000 Entries] .

In Malyasia film gross more than 15 cr there , already in Top-3 tamil grosser there . In Middle East Mersal gross 13.50 Cr till date . Film crosses $1.5M Mark In North America . After 12 Days total gross stands at $1.66M , Huge profitable venture there . In UK It gross over 4.50 cr in 12 days 7 breaks all previous record . Overall film had an earth shuttering opening in Overseas . As on Sunday , Mersal Gross Approx $11.05M [70.95 Cr] in overseas market , biigest ever for Vijay .

Mersal is really a milestone film for Vijay . Before Mersal he gave one of the biggest flop of the year with Bairavaa & now he came back strongly with Mersal . His next film With AR Murugadose , which is targeting for Diwali 2018 release . Hope this film will break all record created by Mersal . Now Check Twelve days worldwide collection of Mersal Below here ----


TN - 103.00 Cr

KA - 13.75 Cr

KE - 18.20 Cr

USA-CANADA - 10.80 Cr

UAE-GCC - 14.50 Cr

MALAYSIA - 17.05 Cr

UK - 4.51 Cr

AUS-NZ - 2.60 Cr

FRANCE - 3.25 Cr


SRILANKA - 4.10 Cr

ROW - 15.00 Cr


Secret Superstar Second Weekend Box Office Collection

Film Secret Superstar Underperformed from it's First Day of release . Diwali Holiday helps the film to go in a big way , otherwise it falls anything between 25-30 Cr . Film Collects 38.00 Cr Nett On Week-1 . Due to dull Box Office Performances , many of it Screens had been replaced by Golmaal Again on Week-2 . Though it managed to get Approx 750 screens on It's second week run

Film collected 1.25 Cr On Second Friday , Followed by 2.50 Cr On Saturday . On Sunday it showed good growth & collected 3.50 Cr , so Second weekend number is just 7.50 Cr . Film Collects 45.50 Cr Till Sunday & Will Be finished below 50 Cr Mark . No chance of growth on Weekdays . Despite star like Aamir Khan , Film Secret Superstar Failed Miserably at Box Office .

Trade Experts expected one more 100 Cr Film from Aamir Khan , by it still struggling to touch even 50 Cr Mark . Actually this film Secret Superstar is completely overshadowed by Golmaal Again's Huge Box Office Success . If it could come any other day , result would be different . Now Check Day-Wise collection of the Film below here -------


DAY-1 - 4.25 Cr

DAY-2 - 9.00 Cr

DAY-3 - 8.50 Cr

DAY-4 - 8.00 Cr

DAY-5 - 3.00 Cr

DAY-6 - 2.25 Cr

DAY-7 - 1.75 Cr

DAY-8 - 1.25 Cr

DAY-9 - 1.50 Cr

DAY-10 - 2.50 Cr

DAY-11 - 3.50 Cr

TOTAL - 45.50 Cr

Golmaal Again Second Weekend Box Office Collection

Golmaal Again Box Office stroam continues in second week also . After a massive first week number , Film entered in week-2 with About 2500 Screens . On Friday it Collects 7.00 Cr , Which Is just 15% drop from Thursday . Due to positive talks Film showed Huge Growth On Weekend-2 .

On Saturday Film Collects 10.50 Cr & Followed by an excellent Sunday Number of 12.75 Cr . Golmaal Again Had A Super Strong Weekend with 30.25 Cr Net collection . First week number of the film was 135 Cr & Till Sunday Total Collection Stands At - 165.25 Cr , Which Is Simply Terrific . Film is expected to touch 175 Cr Mark In It's second week run . Though 200 Cr run is still possible , let's see how it performed on Third week .

On Third Week Film's many screens will be replaced by Siddhartha & Sonakshi's Ittefaq . Frankly speaking , Ittefaq is not looking for a good Opening , so Golmaal Again is expected to Dominate again on It's 3rd Week . If it happens , then Film will easily Cross 200 Cr Mark . As of now 190 Cr is looking an easy target for Golmaal Again . Now Check Day-Wise Box Office Collection Of The Film Below Here ------


DAY-1 - 30.10 Cr

DAY-2 - 27.00 Cr

DAY-3 - 28.00 Cr

DAY-4 - 16.00 Cr

DAY-5 - 14.00 Cr

DAY-6 - 11.50 Cr

DAY-7 - 8.50 Cr

DAY-8 - 7.00 Cr

DAY-9 - 10.50 Cr

DAY-10 - 12.75 Cr

TOTAL - 165.25 Cr

Friday, 27 October 2017

Golmaal Again Had A Strong Second Friday At Box Office

After the massive week-1 number , Golmaal Again Dominates on Week-2 also . Film collected Approx 136 Cr Nett On It's First Week run in India . Despite of new releases , Golmaal Again still running with full houses . As per early Reports Coming From various Theatres , Film had a healthy Occupicy on Day-8 & showed only 10% dropped from Thursday . Due to Chath Puja , Film is rocking big time in Bihar & Occupicy Rate Is as per with day-1 , so Film is heading for a big number in Bihar Circuits .

Though It's too early to estimate , Film may collect anywhere between 6-7 Cr Nett & even 7 Cr+ is possible if night Shows goes strong . film is not looking to stop anytime soon , it has already crossed 140 Cr Nett Till today & will surely touch 150 Cr mark by tomorrow . If everything goes well film will cross 175 cr mark in it's second week run . Film has a better chance to join 200 cr club , as it has no competition Untill Ittefaq release on 3rd November .

Though Ittefaq is not looking for a good Opening , so it has a big chance to cross 200 Cr mark . On the other hand Film Secret Superstar totally crashed On Second Friday , looking for 1.25 cr collection today , So complete domination of Golmaal Again will still continue for two weeks more . Hope for the best , Film has already Grossed 200 Cr Worldwide & will add more on coming days . 

Is Ajith's Next Film Happening Any Time Soon ???

It's been two months since Vivegam released , Till now no confirm news on Thala's next project . As a successful Actor-Director Combo Thala Ajith perhaps agreed to work for the 4th time with Director Siva before their third Film Vivegam's release . But unfortunate result of Vivegam had changed so many equation . According to source Thala Ajith Kumar will definitely come back in 2018 with his 58th Film , but not with Siva !!! After the two back to back blockbuster Film Veeram & Vedalam , they tie up for Vivegam , which failed miserably at Box Office . Now close Circle of Thala Ajith adviced him to stay away from Team Siva & even many of his fans wants his 58th Film to be directed by any other director rather than Siva .

If source to be believed Ajith already signed up for his next Film , which will be produced by Vivegam producer Sathya Jyoti Film & Probably directed by one of the assistant of Siva . Script has veen finalised & will be a complete Massy film like Thala's previous films Veeram & Vedalam . Tamil Sentiment is the must for a Film's success , one recent example is Vivegam's failure & Mersal's mammoth success . After Mersal's Huge Box Office success , there have been Huge pressure on Thala Ajith & he has to deliver a big hit to stay in this box office race .

If we see Pre Vivegam period , when Thala Craze was in it's pick & Thala Fans Dominated in social media . After Vivegam , so many have been changed , that's Craze have been totally lost . Fans Were Waiting to hear any good news , but till today they have not get any confirmation from the actor . Now a days Social Media is completely Dominated by Thala Ajith's rival star Thalapathy Vijay's Fans . After the Mersal's Huge Success , Thalapathy Fans zone have been increased to such a level , that he has been compared with Superstar Rajnikanth as per with popularity . Now it's high time Thala has to comeback with a great script , which is not only good for him , but also for his fans .

Now Comeback to the point , yes Thala's next Film will be a festival release  . Acording to sources , Film will go floor on February & will be Release On Diwali . Even Thalapathy-62 with AR Murugadose is slated to release on Diwali 2018 , Means Biggest Clash of the decade may be happened . As of now no confirm release date from both the side . We have to wait for the official announcement .

Thursday, 26 October 2017

What's Wrong With Secret Superstar ???

After the underperformance of Secret Superstar , everyone from Fans to trades didn't find any explanation for it's Box Office failure . Is Aamir Khan really lost his brand value ??? Or really Film is not that level to attract Audience !!! So what's wrong with Secret Superstar ??? From the very first day of the release , film under performed at box office , despite of geting rave reviews from critics . So what's the reason for it's box office failure ???

Is it overshadowed by Golmaal Again's Huge Success ??? Is Aamir Khan's brand power decreased ??? Or Film has not enough contrlent to pull the audience ??? All 3 reason will be applicable . Firstly Film is Totally overshadowed by Golmaal Again's mammoth Box Office success . Secondly Film have released one day before Golmaal Again , so it had got Enough space to score big on it's Opening Day . But even Aamir Khan couldn't pull Audience to Theatre on Day-1 , so definitely Brand Aamir Khan is failure this time .

Third one is most important , Actually film is neither liked by audiences nor Critics . Mr Perfictinist had arranged a special screening of Secret Superstar Two Days before Film release for this critics & they were forced to give positive reviews for the film . According to Aamir's die hard fans , Film is not a typically Aamir Khan's Film & The topic & concept of the film is not accepted by family Audiences , This Is One more reason for it's dull Performances .

Aamir Khan promoted the film like never before . He went through digital marketing & even for the first time he came for a special programme in a TV show to promote his film . So definitely he even didn't think for 4 Cr Opening !!! . Aamir is clever enough to release the film on Diwali day , one day before Golmaal Again's release & he thought probably Film will take good Opening & like wise Critics Audience will also love the film & Excellent word of mouth will pull Huge Audience on Weekend .

But Who Thought , Golmaal Again will take all lime light from Secret Superstar . On Diwali people will go to Theatre to have fun & will definitely not choose these serious Film . If Secret Superstar Got Release On any date , other than Diwali it could be successful Venture . But eventually it will be a flop for one mistake of Aamir Khan to Clash with One Of the Bollywood's Biggest franchise . Most importantly This Film doesn't deserve a Diwali Release . Apparently Aamir thought people will come  in many numbers to watch his film rather than Golmaal Again & even he threatened to boycott PVR , if they give more Shows to Golmaal Again . Too much insecurity & over confidence is bad for health .

Masterminded Aamir Khan Wanted to release Secret Superstar more screens than Golmaal Again & if it could happen , then this Diwali would be a nightmare for Distributors & Exhibitors . Though Secret Superstar Had Released On 2400 Screens , but due to disaster Opening it had been replaced by Golmaal Again in Many Screens from it's second day . After the first week Film collected Approx 38 Cr Net & likely to be finished between 50-55 Cr . When Golmaal Again heading towards 200 Cr , Brand Aamir Khan's Film struggling to cross 50 Cr .

So one thing is clear from this incident , Don't Pre planed anything , destiny will play it's role automatically . One more thing  Don't be over confident on your product , because it's not in your hand , only people will decide it's Box Office Faith . Though Entertainment without logic can work , but Logic without entertainment will never ever be succeed , once again it proved . This Diwali was not lucky for Aamir Khan , Hope his next Diwali Release Thug Of Hindostan will be as successful as Dangal . Hope Sky kissing Expectations will be fulfilled by Aamir Khan this time .

Mersal First Week Worldwide Box Office Collection

Mersal Had done a mindblowing business in it's first week run . After a earth shuttering Opening Weekend Number , Mersal hold strongly on Weekdays also . Film crossed 150 Cr Mark In It's First Weekend . On Weekdays it performed like a Biggie's Weekend-1 , Terrific hold on Monday & Tuesday .

Film Gross Approx 88 Cr In TN In Week-1 , Breaks BaahuBali2's first week Record In Tamil Nadu [64 Cr Gross] . In Overseas Film is rocking like never before . Mersal Craze is still going strong day by day & hopefully will cross 100 Cr In TN By Friday itself . Film had Grossed a mammoth Total Worldwide . Many Circuits Like in Karnataka , Film is already cross Break Even Number & will continue to do well , Huge Profitable Venture For distributor . Mersal Gross 11.65 Cr with 5.75 Cr Distributor Shares In Karnataka in it's First Week Itself .

As Earlier said , Film is performing Tremendously in Overseas Market . In Circuits Like , USA , UK , France , UAE-GCC , Malaysia , Film is already in profit zone & rest Circuits will follow by weekend-2 . In TN , Film had released through local distributor by Advance vmvasis pay of 73 Cr . Film have to do 125 Cr for Break Even in Tamil Nadu . In Kerala Film Grossed Approx 14.00 Cr Till Tuesday with an estimate Shares of 6.80 Cr . Film have to collect more than 70 Lakhs Shares for Break Even & Hopefully Film will achieve that target by Thursday or Friday .

Film is Gearing Up to release in Telugu Version on 26th October & expected to score big at Telugu market . Look like Mersal Craze will not finish anytime soon . Due to huge demand , Film is adding new screens on Second Week . Film has already touch 175 Cr On It's first week run & is expected to cross 200 Cr Worldwide by weekend-2 . After Kabali , Enthiran & Shankar's I , Mersal is the 4th Tamil film to join 200 Cr Club .

Thalapathy Vijay is in his career's pick point & Gearing Up For his 62nd Film with AR Murugadose . Like Kathi & Thuppakki , a huge expectation from This Successful Actor-Director combo . Now Check First Week Worldwide Collection Of Mersal Below Here -------


TN - 88.00 Cr

KA - 11.65 Cr

KE - 14.00 Cr

USA-CANADA - 9.25 Cr

UAE-GCC - 11.75 Cr

MALAYSIA - 11.90 Cr

UK - 3.90 Cr

AUS-NZ - 2.45 Cr

FRANCE - 2.80 Cr


SRILANKA - 3.65 Cr

ROW - 12.00 Cr


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

What Is The Reason For Mersal's Mammoth Box Office Success

After a huge weekend , Mersal also Ruling like a boss in Weekdays also . Film's Box Office stroam still continues & running with full Houses all over world . Due to huge Buzz , As expected Film opened with massive numbers on 18th October . But hardly anyone believed that it could go this way . 150 Cr In It's First Weekend Itself with only Tamil version !!! , that's quite unimaginable . Exact Number of First Week is still awaiting , but as per early estimate , it easily goes beyond 175 Cr Mark . In TN Itself Mersal Gross Approx 90 Cr Till Tuesday !!! In Overseas Film is rocking like never before . So what's the main reason behind Mersal's Huge Box Office success ??? Film's public Reports Is strictly average , so how it Collects this mammoth Total in just 7 Days ???

Answer is simply , over promotion & too much controversies help the film to go in a big way . Due to some controversial element related to GST & Digital India , Many protest have been seen against The Film & national media was gaga over this issue , which created Huge interest among public for the film . Film's not that level to enjoy this type of Success . Even a hardcore Thalapathy Vijay Fan will be astonished to see it's Phenomenal success .

After a long Diwali Weekend , every Film must dropped on Monday ,  But Mersal scored Exceptionally well on Monday & on Tuesday it's number is as per with Monday . This have not been possible without controversies . So at least it's good for all , Staring from Producers to Distributors . Mersal's success Proved that a simple brand could be sell by over promotion & controversies . Now all production house will follow this path . 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Golmaal Again Had A Strong Monday , While Secret Superstar Still Struggling

After a massive weekend number , Film Golmaal Again is still running with full Houses On Monday . Film Started With Over 30% Occupicy In Morning Shows , which indicates a decent number coming on Day-4 , but it turned out in Evening Shows , when it registered an average Occupicy Of 60% on Monday , which is simply Terrific .

When every Film finds difficulty to score big on Monday , Golmaal Again Hit the 100 Cr On Monday In style . As per early estimate , Film is looking for 16 Cr+ Nett On Monday & even 17 Cr is possible . Public response for the film is excellent , that's why it getting bigger & bigger by each passing day . if it hold this performance , 200 Cr is not far away . Film is running in 3500 screens & on second week it will replace Secret Superstar In more screens , So Blockbuster Hit on the way .

On the other hand , Aamir's Secret Superstar still finding it's Audience , Film is struggling big time on Monday . Especially when a film get rave reviews , it's collection on Monday Remain same or as per with Opening Day Number . But quite frankly it didn't open well on Day-1 & falls badly on Day-5 , despite of positive words of mouth . Film Collects Approx 3.00 Cr Nett On Monday & 5 Days Total Approx - 34 Cr Nett .

Film is good enough to score big at Box Office & even Aamir Khan's brand value didn't work this time . This is happened , when a new brand got lost in competition with Popular brand . Same happened with Secret Superstar , it completely lost in Bollywood's biggest Franchise Golmaal Again's Box Office Hurricane .

Aamir is intelligent enough to understand that it had not a good decision to Clash with Golmaal Again . As we told earlier , Golmaal Again will be First 200 Cr Film of the year & Secret Superstar merely Cross 50-60 Cr Mark . Hope for the best . Now we have to wait for the result .

Mersal Passes Monday Litmus Test

After a massive weekend , Mersal seemed to be decrease it's Box Office speed . Film opened with Huge numbers on Wednesday & did an extraordinary business Till Sunday . Film has recorded over 90% business in A Centres through out the weekend & even in B & C Centres it got a record opening . Film scored a massive Total of 75 Cr In TN In It's First Weekend Itself , which is simply unimaginable . Now question is that will it Cross 100 Cr In TN ???

Answer is it depends on Monday Number , Film's performance on Weekdays is the symptoms of success . We have seen many films falls flat on Monday , despite of a very good weekend number . So coming to the point What Will Be The Box Office Faith of Mersal ???

Frankly speaking , it hold Exceptionally well on Monday . Expect In Some areas , Film had a good Occupicy in almost every Circuits on Monday . There have been noticed a fall of 40-50% in Occupicy Rate compare to Sunday , But it is very much obviouse , as Film Performed Tremendously through out last Five Days .

Trade believe that Film might crash on Monday , but Film is getting much bigger response by each passing day , thanks to all controversies . As early estimate , Film had crossed 5 Cr Mark In TN On Day-6 , which is a very good number . As of now Mersal Gross Approx 80 Cr with an estimate Shares of 42 Cr . Producer had Released the film in Tamil Nadu directly through local distributors . Look like they were confident about their product & will get a huge money .

If they sell the film to Distributors , They hardly get 60 Cr as TN Theatrical Price , Now Looking at the trend , it seems Mersal Will finish it's run between 125-130 Cr gross & even 150 Cr is possible at this time , means minimum 70 Cr Distributor Shares is possible . Hope for the good , now we have to wait & see .

Monday, 23 October 2017

Box Office Analysis Of Golmaal Again & Secret Superstar

Both Golmaal Again & Secret Superstar Had a decent Monday at Box Office . As usual both the film's Occupicy Dropped on Monday compare to Friday , but which is very much obvious after a mammoth Opening . Though Both the Film's genre are different , but Undoubtedly Golmaal Again Performed way more than expectation . if we talk about Secret Superstar , it's collection is not as much as we think . Though it had a decent weekend , despite of Box Office triumph of Golmaal Again .

It's not an Wise decision of Mr Perfectionist to Clash with one of the biggest franchise of Bollywood & most importantly Film like Secret Superstar doesn't deserve Diwali Release . Film's business hampered badly due to this , if it come in any normal day , it could have done better business . Time to move this topic & look at the box office performance of both the film .

Golmaal Again did an extraordinary business on Diwali Holiday , but on Monday It opened like a new film with an excellent Occupicy Rate . Film opened with 30-35% Occupicy In Morning Shows & goes 50% during night Shows . Film has got a huge support from Family Audience , so it's Box Office triumph will still continue . Film Collects 87.00 Cr Nett On Weekend & look like it will cross 100 Cr In Just 4 Days .

Film may be Cross 100 Cr Mark In It's First Weekend Itself , if it could get solo release . As per our estimation Film's Monday Number Will Be within 13-14 Cr Range , means Film will surely Cross 100 Cr On Monday itself , that will be really awesome . As of now film is not looking to slow down & may be First 200 Cr movie of this year is on the way .

On the other hand Film Secret Superstar opened with average Occupicy In Morning Shows , but picked well in Evening & night Shows . This film has a potential to be a horse run at Box Office . Despite of slow start Secret Superstar slowly gain it's momentum . When World is gaga over Golmaal Again , still Secret Superstar scored Decently on Weekend .

Due to niche content , Film is going well in Multiplexes compare to dull Performances in Single Screens . Despite of Aamir Khan's brand value Mass Audience have stayed away from this film . Film collected 30.50 Cr Nett On Weekend & Aa per early estimate Monday Number Should be in 3.00 Cr Range . Hopefully Film will perform well on Weekdays also .

As Of now Secret Superstar only scored well in class circuits , like West Bengal , Mumbai , Delhi , Bengalore , Where Golmaal Again stroam the box office in both class & mass circuits . Look like Golmaal Again will touch 200 cr mark , while Secret superstar may be finished under 75 Cr Mark . Hope both the film will be huge hit at box office . 

Raja The Great First Weekend Worldwide Box Office Collection

After a good start on Wednesday , Film Raja The Great hold extremely well on Weekend . Despite of mixed talks film had a very good weekend in Telugu States . This long Diwali holiday help film to score big at box office . Film collected 4.97 Cr shares in Telugu states On Day-1 . After 5 Days , it collects approx 12.75 Cr , which is really impressive number . Look Like this film will be the biggest turning point in Ravi Teja's career .

In Overseas Film got good opening with $133K Premier gross on Tuesday in USA . After The Good Opening collection is not impressive , but decent with mixed talks . Film gross $322K Till Sunday In USA . Overall film had a very good number worldwide . Film's Collection will grow further on weekdays & Hopefully will recover it's Worldwide theatrical price of 32 Cr . Now check First Weekend worldwide collection of the film below here -------


NIZAM -      7.72 Cr

CEDED -     2.78 Cr

UA -             2.30 Cr

EAST -        1.40 Cr

WEST -        1.10 Cr

GUNTUR -   1.28 Cr

KRISHNA -  1.25 Cr

NELLORE - 0.65 Cr



AP/TS -   18.50 Cr

KA -         1.40 Cr

USA -      0.85 Cr

REST -    0.85 Cr



AP/TS -    28.10 Cr

USA -       2.15 Cr

KA -          3.00 Cr

REST -     1.70 Cr


Mersal First Weekend Worldwide Box Office Collection

Mersal Box Office Triumph is going strong by each passing day . Film opened with massive response on 18th October with over 48 Cr gross Worldwide on Day-1 . In TN , Film had a dream run . Film had broken Kabali's Day-1 Record by a margin & still running with full Houses Across Tamil Nadu . After Baahubali2 , No Film had this type of box office run in TN , Thanks to all controversies , Which Created massive buzz  & Diwali festival boosted Film's Collection .

Diwali is always a best time for distributor & Exhibitors , but this year seems to be huge bonus for them . Film Mersal Gross Approx 75 Cr With an estimate 38 cr distributor shares In Just Five days . Film is now Highest First Week Grosser In the state in just 5 Days , Breaking Baahubali2's Week-1 Record . After Baahubali2 , Enthiran , Mersal is expected to cross 100 Cr Mark In Tamil Nadu , which will Biggest Achievement For Thalapathy Vijay .

Not Only In Tamil Nadu , Mersal is setting bench mark in other States Also . Film opened with 4.85 Cr Gross In Kerala , which is second best Opening For any Film in Kerala . After First Weekend Days Film's Total Gross Stands At - 12.50 Cr , Which Is Simply Awesome . In Karnataka Film Gross 4.10 Cr On Day-1 , Which Is Second Best Opening Number for a Tamil film in Karnataka , just behind Rajnikanth's Kabali [7.56 Cr] .

Slowly Tamil Film expanding it's market in Karnataka . This year so many Film got Box Office success here . Vivegam Gross more than 10 Cr Here . Mersal Gross Approx 10.50 Cr In Karnataka In Just Five Days With 5.25 Cr Distributor Shares & Will Be A huge Profitable Venture For distributor . Film had not released in Telugu States & probably will release on 26th October . Film Gross 100 Cr Domestically in Just Five Days .

In Overseas Film Started With Bang . As earlier said , Film had a record breaking opening from almost every Circuits . In Malaysia , Singapore , France , Srilanka , UK , UAE-GCC , USA , Film Breaks All previous Day-1 Record by a big mergin [Tamil Version] . Film crosses 20000 entries in France in just Five days & might cross Both Theri [24,500] & Baahubali2 [25000] in it's First week itself . Look like Enthiran's Record [30000 entries in France] is in danger . In Middle East Film stroam the box office with $1.75M Gross in it's First weekend . Film Gross $1.25M [8.10 Cr] In North America Till Sunday & Vijay's Second Film to enter Million Dollar Club In US .

In Australia , Film Gross A $407K [2.10 Cr] in Five Days & already in no-3 in top grosser list , just behind Baahubali2 & Kabali . Film Had A Tremendous run in UK With £353K [3.02 Cr] in it's opening weekend & Break Kabali's weekend record [£295K] . In Malaysia Film is rocking big time with MYR 7.20M [11.10 Cr] Gross Till Date . Film Gross Approx $8.20 M In Overseas Market In It's First weekend run . It will grow further on Weekdays . Overall Mersal touched 154 Cr Worldwide Gross in just Five Days . Check Five Days Worldwide Collection Below Here -------


TN - 75.00 Cr

KA - 10.50 Cr

KE - 12.50 Cr

USA-CANADA - 8.10 Cr

UAE-GCC - 11.40 Cr

MALAYSIA - 11.10 Cr

UK - 3.02 Cr

AUS-NZ - 2.15 Cr

FRANCE - 2.50 Cr


SRILANKA - 3.40 Cr

ROW - 10.00 Cr


Saturday, 21 October 2017

Golmaal Again First Day Box Office Collection

Film Golmaal Again Started with bang on Friday with an average occupicy rate of 90% through out the day . Film had released in 3500 screens & collects 30.10 cr on day-1 , which is second best opening of the year after Baahubali-2 . Film may touch 40 cr mark , if it get solo release . Looking at the trend , film will cross 100 cr mark on it's first weekend itself . Now Check circuits wise Day-1 collection of the film below here ------

DAY-1 (Friday)

CIRCUIT                      COLLECTION (Cr)

Mumbai -                           12.25 Cr

Delhi/UP -                            6.05 Cr

East Punjab -                       2.80 Cr

Rajasthan -                           1.85 Cr

West Bengal -                       0.90 Cr

Mysore -                                1.20 Cr

Nizam -                                   1.15 Cr

C.I -                                          1.30 Cr

C.P -                                         1.60 Cr

TN/Kerala -                               0.40 Cr      


Bihar -                                       0.80 Cr                        

Asam -                                       0.30 Cr

Odisha -                                     0.35 Cr 

TOTAL -                                    
  30.10 Cr