Monday, 16 October 2017

Golmaal Again Or Secret Superstar !!! Which Film Will Be The Winner In This Diwali ???

Both Golmaal Again & Secret Superstar Are redy to Clash at Box Office in this Diwali . Film Secret Superstar Will Be Released On 19th October , on Thursday , one day before Ajay's Golmaal Again release . Both the film have a potential to be a big hit . Golmaal is one of the biggest Franchise in Bollywood , on the other hand Aamir Khan himself is a bigger brand in film business . Due to his content  orinted Films , people believe him & will come to watch in theatre for sure .

If we look at the genre , both the film is Totally different to one another . While Golmaal Again is a complete comedy genre Film , Secret Superstar will be path Breaking Film , means less Masala with great content . In India both Masala Film & content oriented Film have a different Audience . Due to mass Entertainer Golmaal Again will definitely open big in single Screens , while Secret Superstar will rock in Multiplexes . At the end of the day , which Film Will Get thumbs up from Audience , that will be winner .

As Of Now Golmaal Again got wider release than Secret Superstar . While the first one targeting mainly for mass Audience , the later one is strictly for Multiplexes . According to Aamir's recent statement , Secret Superstar will be released in 2500 Screens , but in reality it will get hardly 2000 Screens . Golmaal Again will definitely get 3000 Screens , which is enough for a massive Opening .

Last year Ajay Devgn's Shivay released during Diwali & clashed with Ranbir's Aeh Dil Hai Muskil , but unfortunately both the film Underperformed at Box Office . Hope this year will not happen this again . We expect For 15 Cr from Golmaal Again & 10 Cr From Secret Superstar on their Opening Day . Hope all will be good & both the film will be hit at Box Office , at the end of the day cinema will win !!!

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