Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Mersal Passes Monday Litmus Test

After a massive weekend , Mersal seemed to be decrease it's Box Office speed . Film opened with Huge numbers on Wednesday & did an extraordinary business Till Sunday . Film has recorded over 90% business in A Centres through out the weekend & even in B & C Centres it got a record opening . Film scored a massive Total of 75 Cr In TN In It's First Weekend Itself , which is simply unimaginable . Now question is that will it Cross 100 Cr In TN ???

Answer is it depends on Monday Number , Film's performance on Weekdays is the symptoms of success . We have seen many films falls flat on Monday , despite of a very good weekend number . So coming to the point What Will Be The Box Office Faith of Mersal ???

Frankly speaking , it hold Exceptionally well on Monday . Expect In Some areas , Film had a good Occupicy in almost every Circuits on Monday . There have been noticed a fall of 40-50% in Occupicy Rate compare to Sunday , But it is very much obviouse , as Film Performed Tremendously through out last Five Days .

Trade believe that Film might crash on Monday , but Film is getting much bigger response by each passing day , thanks to all controversies . As early estimate , Film had crossed 5 Cr Mark In TN On Day-6 , which is a very good number . As of now Mersal Gross Approx 80 Cr with an estimate Shares of 42 Cr . Producer had Released the film in Tamil Nadu directly through local distributors . Look like they were confident about their product & will get a huge money .

If they sell the film to Distributors , They hardly get 60 Cr as TN Theatrical Price , Now Looking at the trend , it seems Mersal Will finish it's run between 125-130 Cr gross & even 150 Cr is possible at this time , means minimum 70 Cr Distributor Shares is possible . Hope for the good , now we have to wait & see .

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