Thursday, 26 October 2017

What's Wrong With Secret Superstar ???

After the underperformance of Secret Superstar , everyone from Fans to trades didn't find any explanation for it's Box Office failure . Is Aamir Khan really lost his brand value ??? Or really Film is not that level to attract Audience !!! So what's wrong with Secret Superstar ??? From the very first day of the release , film under performed at box office , despite of geting rave reviews from critics . So what's the reason for it's box office failure ???

Is it overshadowed by Golmaal Again's Huge Success ??? Is Aamir Khan's brand power decreased ??? Or Film has not enough contrlent to pull the audience ??? All 3 reason will be applicable . Firstly Film is Totally overshadowed by Golmaal Again's mammoth Box Office success . Secondly Film have released one day before Golmaal Again , so it had got Enough space to score big on it's Opening Day . But even Aamir Khan couldn't pull Audience to Theatre on Day-1 , so definitely Brand Aamir Khan is failure this time .

Third one is most important , Actually film is neither liked by audiences nor Critics . Mr Perfictinist had arranged a special screening of Secret Superstar Two Days before Film release for this critics & they were forced to give positive reviews for the film . According to Aamir's die hard fans , Film is not a typically Aamir Khan's Film & The topic & concept of the film is not accepted by family Audiences , This Is One more reason for it's dull Performances .

Aamir Khan promoted the film like never before . He went through digital marketing & even for the first time he came for a special programme in a TV show to promote his film . So definitely he even didn't think for 4 Cr Opening !!! . Aamir is clever enough to release the film on Diwali day , one day before Golmaal Again's release & he thought probably Film will take good Opening & like wise Critics Audience will also love the film & Excellent word of mouth will pull Huge Audience on Weekend .

But Who Thought , Golmaal Again will take all lime light from Secret Superstar . On Diwali people will go to Theatre to have fun & will definitely not choose these serious Film . If Secret Superstar Got Release On any date , other than Diwali it could be successful Venture . But eventually it will be a flop for one mistake of Aamir Khan to Clash with One Of the Bollywood's Biggest franchise . Most importantly This Film doesn't deserve a Diwali Release . Apparently Aamir thought people will come  in many numbers to watch his film rather than Golmaal Again & even he threatened to boycott PVR , if they give more Shows to Golmaal Again . Too much insecurity & over confidence is bad for health .

Masterminded Aamir Khan Wanted to release Secret Superstar more screens than Golmaal Again & if it could happen , then this Diwali would be a nightmare for Distributors & Exhibitors . Though Secret Superstar Had Released On 2400 Screens , but due to disaster Opening it had been replaced by Golmaal Again in Many Screens from it's second day . After the first week Film collected Approx 38 Cr Net & likely to be finished between 50-55 Cr . When Golmaal Again heading towards 200 Cr , Brand Aamir Khan's Film struggling to cross 50 Cr .

So one thing is clear from this incident , Don't Pre planed anything , destiny will play it's role automatically . One more thing  Don't be over confident on your product , because it's not in your hand , only people will decide it's Box Office Faith . Though Entertainment without logic can work , but Logic without entertainment will never ever be succeed , once again it proved . This Diwali was not lucky for Aamir Khan , Hope his next Diwali Release Thug Of Hindostan will be as successful as Dangal . Hope Sky kissing Expectations will be fulfilled by Aamir Khan this time .

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