Sunday, 17 June 2018

Race 3 Sunday (Day-3) Box Office Reports !!! Huge Again !!!

Looking at the Sunday Box office trend, it seems Negative words of mouth still has no impact till now. Film collected 28.50 Cr on Friday, followed by 36.50 Cr on Saturday. Film showed a flat 30% growth on day-2. Film surprised the whole trade by it's mammoth Box Office performances on Sunday again. This is endorsed the fact that Box Office pull of Salman Khan is unmatched & unparalleled. See the footfalls comparison in noida in 4 multiplexes till 6:30 PM ---

Friday - 8073

Saturday - 10980

Sunday - 11194

Despite Of all the negativity, film again scored big on Day-3, as per early reports, a 5-10% growth have been noticed compared to Day-2. Despite Of bad content & ratings Race3 continue to wonder at Box Office. Sunday occupancy rate till evening shows is around 85%, which means if this trend continues in night shows also, film Race3 can collect 38-39 Cr on Sunday & even 40 Cr is also possible if night shows goes well. So first weekend Collects will be around 103-104 Cr Range, which is a massive total for the film. 

Race 3 is already a winner, as makers have recovered all it's investment through satellite & digital rights selling. Since Salman released the film by own, no distributor is involved in the business, theatrical revenue is the extra bonus for the producer. Monday will decide, it it will go beyond 200 Cr or not. As of now trends is very clear, film is running with full houses across the country. 

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