Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Race 3 Business Analysis !!! It's Producer's Gain & Distributor's Loss !!!


Race3 has almost finished it's run & will hardly add any numbers on upcoming days. Film had a fantastic first weekend number, but falls gradually on weekdays. It had collected 139 Cr Nett In week one, but couldn't hold Well on week two. After the release of Sanju, Race3 is completely washed out at the box office window. Film Collects only 15 Lakhs on it's 4th weekend & make the total domestic collection 165.75 Cr Nett. Now question is that what will be the Verdict of this film ??? 

Race3 is the third installment of the successful Race franchise. As expectations was sky high before release, it got a huge money from the theatrical price. Salman have released the film by ownself through local distributors with advance basis contracts. It is very much sure Salman & the producer have earned huge money from Race3. Only distributors & exhibitiors are the worst sufferer. 

Film's total domestic distributor shares is around 80 Cr & as per source, combined theatrical rights price is 135 Cr. That means, a huge loss for the distributors. Race3 has released during Eid & completely underperformed at the box office. 165 Cr is not a bad number, but a film starring Salman Khan & eid releases, anything below 200 Cr will be considered as flop. 

But in Bollywood, we compare the Film's budget with it's Box office number for it's Verdict. The budget of Race3 is 130 Cr & if we compare it with it's lifetime number, then it is a Semi hit. But with due respect, Race3 is not a successful film. Neither it had recovered it's cost, nor it does any remarkable business. Anyway it's producers gain & distributors loss. 

Business Analysis

Budget : 130 Cr

Domestic Theatrical Price : 135 Cr

Overseas Theatrical Price : 40 Cr

Domestic Theatrical Revenue : 80 Cr

Overseas Theatrical Revenue : 34 Cr 

Non-Theatrical Revenue : 100 Cr

Producers Recovery : 145 Cr

Worldwide Distributors Loss - 61 Cr

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