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Monday, 18 June 2018

Race 3 First Weekend Worldwide Gross !!! 8th Best Of All Time !!!

Race 3 has done an impressive business Worldwide in it's first weekend. In domestic market, Film Collects 102.50 Cr Nett with a gross amount of 132 Cr in it's opening weekend. Despite Of bad reviews, film collected a handful amount over the weekend. Eid festival push the Film's collection in a big way.

Noy only in domestic market, film Race 3 has done quite good business in overseas market also. Film had a wide release with over 1200 screens in overseas. Best performing countries are - Middle East, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, where the Film's Weekend number is excellent. Film Race 3 Gross $1.68 Million in North America circuits till Sunday. 

Film opens at no 7 at Australian box office with $495K Gross over the weekend. In New Zealand film Race3 opens with no2 by grossing $316K in it's first weekend. Overall film had a very good weekend in overseas markets. Film Race 3 Gross around $6.65 Million [45.50 Cr] in overseas in it's first weekend, chichester is 2nd best of 2018, after Padmaavat, which grossed $12.05 Million in first weekend. 

Film losses a big amount from Pakistan, as film hasn't released there. So First Weekend Worldwide Gross of Race 3 stands at around 178 Cr, which 8th Best of all time. Check the top ten worldwide First Weekend grossers of all time ----

Top 10 First Weekend WW Grossers

1. Sultan - 215 Cr

2. Baahubali2 - 210 Cr

3. Dangal - 195 Cr

4. Dhoom 3 - 190 Cr

5. Tiger Zinda Hai - 188 Cr

6. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - 187 Cr

7. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - 184 Cr

8. Race 3 - 178 Cr

9. Happy New Year - 175 Cr

10. PK - 174 Cr

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Race 3 First Weekend Box Office Collection !!! Enter The 100 Cr Club !!!

Race 3 has successfully entered the 100 Cr Club in it's opening weekend itself. The Salman starred had performed exceptionally well on weekend. Film Race3 Collects 28.50 Cr & 36.50 Cr on Day-1 & Day-2 respectively. On Day-3 film hit the ball out of the park by crossing 100 Cr Mark.

Film Collects 37.50 Cr on Sunday & first weekend came total stands at 103 Cr. Including Race 3, There are only 6 films, which have crossed 100 Cr Mark in it's opening weekend & out of 6 films, 4 films belongs to Salman Khan. He is truly the box office king.

Among the circuits, Punjab & Delhi, Bihar is the top notch performer for the film. In Mumbai also film has done a great business. Race 3 Collects Approx 32 Cr from Mumbai circuits & arond 21.50 Cr Nett from Delhi/UP Circuit over the weekend.

In circuits like West Bengal, film has done wonder at Box Office despite Of competition from regional Bengali film industry. Film Collects around 1.65 Cr on Sunday in bengal & first weekend total is a massive 4.50 Cr from the WB circuit. In Odisha film Collects 55 Lakhs on Day-1 & 1.82 Cr over the weekend. Film has got benefits from local festivals in Odisha.

In mass circuits like, Rajasthan, CI, UP film Race3 has done decent business through out the weekend. Film Collects 3.45 Cr in C.I Circuit in 3 Days & in Rajasthan, it Collects Approx 6.25 Cr over the first 3 days. In down south film has done decent to average business over the weekend. Overall film had a fantastic weekend all over india. 

First Weekend Box Office Collection

Day-1 - 28.50 Cr

Day-2 - 36.50 Cr

Day-3 - 37.50 Cr

Total - 102.50 Cr

The fact is the film got some worst reviews ever & looking at the first 3 Days Box Office Numbers, it seems to be unaffected by the bad reviews. Monday is the litmus test for the film. If it manage to sustain well on today, then it will be in race for a good lifetime numbers. 

Race 3 Sunday (Day-3) Box Office Reports !!! Huge Again !!!

Looking at the Sunday Box office trend, it seems Negative words of mouth still has no impact till now. Film collected 28.50 Cr on Friday, followed by 36.50 Cr on Saturday. Film showed a flat 30% growth on day-2. Film surprised the whole trade by it's mammoth Box Office performances on Sunday again. This is endorsed the fact that Box Office pull of Salman Khan is unmatched & unparalleled. See the footfalls comparison in noida in 4 multiplexes till 6:30 PM ---

Friday - 8073

Saturday - 10980

Sunday - 11194

Despite Of all the negativity, film again scored big on Day-3, as per early reports, a 5-10% growth have been noticed compared to Day-2. Despite Of bad content & ratings Race3 continue to wonder at Box Office. Sunday occupancy rate till evening shows is around 85%, which means if this trend continues in night shows also, film Race3 can collect 38-39 Cr on Sunday & even 40 Cr is also possible if night shows goes well. So first weekend Collects will be around 103-104 Cr Range, which is a massive total for the film. 

Race 3 is already a winner, as makers have recovered all it's investment through satellite & digital rights selling. Since Salman released the film by own, no distributor is involved in the business, theatrical revenue is the extra bonus for the producer. Monday will decide, it it will go beyond 200 Cr or not. As of now trends is very clear, film is running with full houses across the country. 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Race 3 Saturday Box Office Reports !!! Good Growth On Day-2 !!!

Race 3 shows good growth on Saturday. Film has done a very good business on day-2. Overall 20-25% growth have been noticed, compared to Day-1. Film got a good push on day-2, due to Eid festival, though expectations was much more than it.

Film Collects Approx 29 Cr on Friday & was expected to score over 40 Cr on day-2, but it fails to touch the 40 Cr mark. Day-1 average Occupicy was 60 % & Day-2 average occupancy is around 80-85%. Race3 footfalls comparison in Noida's four multiplexes till 7 PM -

Friday - 8577

Saturday - 11583

Looking at the trend, Day-2 Collection of Race3 will be in 35-36 Cr Range. However it is a very good number, considering the fact is public feedback is worst for the film. Likewise Day-1, Delhi & Punjab are the best performing circuits on day-2 also. Mumbai, UP, Rajasthan, West Bengal, All the circuits showed good growth on Saturday. But in south India, film hasn't performed well on day-2 also. 

Despite Of too much negativity, audiences came in large numbers to the theatre, that is only because of Salman Khan. Film will definitely score a handful amount over the weekend. Monday will be crucial for the film, it will decide it's Box Office Faith. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Race 3 First Day Box Office Collection !!! Salman's Film Registered Highest Day-1 Collection Of 2018 !!!

Salman Khan's Film Race3 emerges as Biggest Opener Of 2018, in terms of box office. Film Collects 29.17 Cr on it's opening day & topped the box office chart by overtaking Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2's day-1 number.

Film had released over 4500 screens in India & 1200 screens in overseas markets. Despite Of the last day of Ramazan, film has done quite decent business on Friday. Today is Eid, tremendous advance booking predicts a 40 Cr+ collection on Saturday, that will be a great. Film will definitely touches 100 Cr Mark in it's first weekend, despite Of the fact is film is not liked by the general audiences. More than 40 % of the day-1 collection came from some renowned multiplex chains.

PVR - 4.90 Cr


INOX - 3.40 Cr

Too many negative reviews affects the Film's business badly. Race 3 may Collects more on day-1. Average occupancy on first day was 60 %. If Night shows occupancy was good, then it might touch 30 Cr Mark. Though film Race3 takes 2018's biggest opening, in terms of occupancy it is far behind than Baaghi2. Check Bollywood's Top Day-1 collection of 2018 ---

Top First Day Collection Of 2018

Race3 - 29.17 Cr

Baaghi2 - 25.10 Cr

Padmaavat - 19.00 Cr

Veere Di Weeding - 10.70 Cr

Padman - 10.26 Cr

Raid - 10.04 Cr

Race 3 First Day Box Office Reports !!! Salman Khan's Film Has Taken A Flying Start !!!

Salman Khan's much awaited film Race3 finally hit the screens today. Despite Of the last day of Ramazan, the film has taken a flying start at Box Office. The morning shows Collection was very good with average 45-50% occupancy all over india.

Though overall morning Shows Occupancy was good, some circuits disappointed big time. In circuits like Delhi, Punjab, UP film started with over 70% occupancy from morning Shows itself, whereas circuits like Mumbai, kolkata, Rajasthan, remains low with an average 35-40 % occupancy in morning Shows.


Race3 Movie Review !!! 

Race Advance Booking Reports !!! 

In noon Shows, the occupancy reports was good, but not up the mark. It is because of the audience Reports is very mixed. At an average 10-15% growth have been noticed during noon Shows. Film got a big push in evening shows & occupancy was around 70%. Night shows just started & if night shows goes well, then it might be cross the magical thirty, otherwise it will fall below 30 Cr. 

Occupancy Reports :-

Morning Shows - 45-50 %

Noon Shows - 55-60 %

Evening Shows - 65-70 %

Opening wise Race 3 is as per with Baaghi2. Though Advance Booking was excellent, counter booking is not up to the mark, that's why numbers looks little shorter from expectations. According to advance booking reports, opening weekend will be super Strong. PVR sold over 2.50 Lakhs tickets for the weekend. Inox sold around 1.10 Lakhs tickets for the weekend. Check some samples of Day-1 opening reports. Opening Day footfalls comparison in Noida 4 multiplexes till 6 PM - 

Race3 - 7593 (47 Shows) 

Baaghi2 - 7411 (35 Shows) 

Avengers Infinity Wars - 11094 (44 Shows) 

Tiger Zinda Hai - 8666 (51 Shows) 

Padmaavat - 6322 (54 Shows) 

The best performing circuits is Punjab, looking at the trend film may collects around 3 Cr there. In Delhi/UP Circuits film is looking for over 5 Cr on Day-1. Mumbai circuits looks weak, may be due to pre-eid effects. Film can Collects 7-8 Cr Range from Mumbai Circuit. 

Due to local festival in odisha, film has performed exceptionally good here, day-1 Collection will go easily over 35 lakhs in odisha circuit. Despite Of competition from regional bengali film Sultan - The Savior, Race3 will collect a handsome amount from bengal Circuit. Distributor expecting a 90 lakhs+ opening in kolkata. Overall film had performed decently despite Of too many negative reviews. 

Race 3 has released in over 4500 screens in all over india. First Day average Occupicy is around 60%, means a 25-26 Cr range on first day is expected. Film even can go beyond 30 Cr, all depends on how night shows will performed. 

Though occupancy wise, it is far behind Salman's 2014 release Kick, enhanced ticket price may assured the opening day number as per with Kick, or slightly higher. Tomorrow is a big day, film will definitely score big on the day of Eid. Film will easily go beyond 40 Cr tomorrow & certainly 100 Cr weekend is on the card. Monday will decide it's Box Office Faith, either it will be horse runner at Box Office or will be completely finished. 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Race3 Movie Review !!! Salman Khan's Film Is Highly On Action !!!

Salman's much Awaited Film Race3 is all set to hit the theatre tomorrow. Bhai fans is excited to know what the film has stored for them. As always they are expecting paisa vasool movie from Salman, actually public demand a full to entertainment film from the bhaijaan of Bollywood. The Race franchise is popular for it's twist & turn. Probably we have the first to review this film, straight from the Dubai. Let's start -


Talking about the story, the narration is highly engaging & will keep you hooked. The movie is saga of a family, that deals in borderline crime, but is ruthless & vindictive in core. When Samsher (played by Anil Kapoor) entrusts Sikandar (Played by Salman Khan) with a high stake heist along with the family for support. But the family is on the verge of self destruction after people changing their colours.


Now let's talk about twists. Of course, like previous franchises, Race3 is full of twists. Just before interval, there has a big twist, which will turn the whole story back. The most important thing, that we like about the film, it's climax. Nobody can guess, what will be the end. We will definitely not reveal the climax, as it will spoil your interest.


Let's talk about acting. All the actors looked extremely fit in every character. First talk about, Boby Deol, he is a surprise package for this film. The actor is going to come back with this film. People will like His scenes with Salman, specially a scene, where both the actors will be seen in shirtless. As usual, Anil Kapoor, Potraying the character of Samsher, will be remembered by the audiences.

No words is enough to describe Salman's performances. The entrance of Salman is one of the best of Bollywood. Action sequences looks amazing. Jacqueline looks super hot. Her fighting sequences will be loved by the audiences. She is the new account queen in Bollywood. All the actors tried their best.


Race3 is undoubtedly Salman's biggest film in terms of scale, sets, budgets. Film has a plenty of action sequences & each and every scenes looks extremely good. Director Remo D Souza has lavishly shot all the scenes, specially action scenes. The cameraman done a very good job, captured every scenes with so much perfection. Visuals looks extremely good. Jacqueline is bold & beautiful here, she looks completely eye candy, thanks to the director, who understand the taste of the audiences. Despite Of huge cast, director Remo D Souza managed to give good spaces for every actors.


The film is highly on actions, some twist & turn make it feel like a Hollywood film. It is great treat for Salman fans & also general audiences will also like the film. Film is full paisa vasool film, which is definitely expected from a Salman's film. Salman's entry scene is one of the highlights.


Songs are not so good, it is a big disappointment. Screen play should be better. There are few dull scenes, which could have been neglected. Unnecessary action sequences might be avoided. Dialogue is not up the mark. The film is not a typical Salman Khan's Film, it is completely Director's film. Salman's unique dance step, dialogue delivery is completely missing. 


Overall film has a plenty of entertainment. If you are a die hard of Salman fans, this film is definitely for you. For general audiences, you can't miss this, go to the theatre at least once, you won't be disappointed. 

Our Ratings


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Race3 Advance Booking Reports !!! Better Than Tiger Zinda Hai ???

Finally wait is over, Race3 is all set to hit the screen on this Friday. Since the time of announcement, Race3 fever had started & buzz it's in the peak now , obviously Salman is the reason. Film also starred Boby Deol, Anil Kapoor, Daisy Shah, Jacqueline, Saqib Salim in key roles.

Advance booking for the film have started on Sunday & is going strong by each passing hours. Despite the delay in Ramazan, Collection looks stronger ever. According to trade reports, film is having similar advance booking reports, like Salman's last film Tiger Zinda Hai. Sunday bookings is just extraordinary, two major theatres in Delhi have recorded advance collection of more than 20 Lakhs. Here is the advance booking reports in 3 iconic single screen theatre - 

Liberty Cinema Delhi - 1241 (32%)

Gaity Galaxy Mumbai - 3022 (78%)

Raj Mandir Jaipur - 4498 (70%)

*Till Tuesday 

Response for Race3 is extraordinary. Early reports from major theatres including Delite cinema & Sheila cinema suggests a trend better than Tiger Zinda Hai. In fact film is having a great advance sale in Mumbai, Pune, Thane & pretty good booking all over Maharashtra.

In Circuits like, Gujrat, C.I, UP, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Punjab, film is carrying good reports & as of now advance booking is good & will grow further. In South India, film had a decent to good Pre-Sales. There hasn't any major releases on this Eid, Rajinikanth's recent releases Kaala haven't done much business in South & hardly give any competition to Race3, so there has a good chance for Salman's film to score well. Overall Race3 had a terrific advance booking all over India. 

Advance Booking Reports In Key Cities

Mumbai - 30-40%

Delhi - 40%

Pune - 60%

Lucknow - 35%

Kolkata - 30-35%

Chennai - 20%

Hyderabad - 40-45%

Cochin - 45-50%

The fact is Salman Khan's film is largely driven by the counter sales & current booking scenario indicates a mass opening of the film. Race3 is getting excellent buzz due to it's Successful franchises & of course bhaijaan Salman Khan is the main factor. It is the comeback film for Actor Boby Deol, people will be eagerly waiting to see him on silver screen again. Though trailer & songs of  Race3 hasn't well received by the viewers, it will not affect on opening of the film. 

A fantastic booking all over India ensures a thunder stroam at Box Office & will be Eid bonanza for fans. Day-1 number will easily touch 30-35 Cr & even it can touch 40 Cr Mark. Race3 will be a solo release in over 4500 screens in India, hence anything possible, but 35-40 Cr is a minimum target for the film. If the film get good reviews, then it will be another 300 Cr film for Salman,l. Hope for the best.